Dragon Fly Sterling Silver Ring


About the Product

  • Beautiful ring for panda lovers
  • Great gift for family members, friends or self
  • Custom design made in sterling silver
  • Free shipping with tracking code (DHL eCommerce, Standard Ground shipping, typically 2-5 days). 

About Our Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a highly prominent and remarkable metal that can be easily molded and manipulated by jewelers to create unique pieces of jewelry. The formation of this metal is brought on by a harmonious blend of both pure 92.5% silver and and 7.5% copper, which are both hypoallergenic metals. We do not lead, nickle or cadmium, as these are non-hypoallergenic and can be harmful for the environment.

Caring for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry 

Sterling silver is a precious metal that can be yours for a lifetime. However, without proper care, sterling silver is prone to tarnish. Ensuring that your sterling maintains its beauty and shine is quite easy. First, your sterling should avoid contact with any harsh house chemicals, this includes ammonia, chlorine or bleach. Secondly, proper storage will ensure that your precious silver is protected from oxidization. For this affect, use a lined jewelry box, a pouch or anti-tarnish bags specifically made for jewelry. Thirdly, use a gentle tarnish removing polish specifically made for jewelry as needed. This will keep your sterling clean, and revive its sparkling shine.