Correctional Officer Support Ring

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This stunningly beautiful Correctional Officer Ring was designed with the intent of honoring serve in correctional institutions. Show your support for correctional officers with this dazzling titanium-made ring.

What Does The Thin Grey Lines Mean?

The thin grey line is a symbol of support for correctional officers. Figuratively, the thin gray line represents the boundary between order and chaos. Many have adopted the symbol as a sign of support for those working in correction institutions. This includes prison guards, probation officers, on-site police officers, parole officers, jailers and bailiffs.

Why Show Your Support for Correctional Officers?

An approximate 430,000 correctional officers currently serve in the United States. On average, the ACA reports 10 deaths and 10,000 injuries amongst correctional officers each year. In light of these statistics, we believe it is important we show our support and acknowledge the importance of their service.

Product Details

Available sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Material: Titanium
Surface Width: 8mm or 1/3 of an inch

Show Your Support For Correctional Officers Today!

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