Help Turtles Survive

Turtles are currently classified as critically endangered animals by the actions of humans. Of the 7 species of sea turtles, 6 are deemed endangered, this include Leatherbacks, Olive Ridleys, Hawksbills, Greens, Flatbacks and Loggerheads.

What's Causing the Endangerment?

There is multiple reasons why human action is detrimental to life of sea turtles, and other marine wildlife.

Unsustainable Harvesting and Poaching
Sea turtles are being harvested at levels that are unsustainable across the world. Many peoples are consumers of sea turtles meat and eggs, while some use it for medicinal purposes. These practices are kill thousands of sea turtles, notably Hawksbills and Greens.

Environmental Issues: The Loss Habitat
There is a countless amount of environmental issue that play into the sea turtle's detriment. This includes, beach erosion, artificial lighting, ocean pollution and coastal development. 

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